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The big list! [Jun. 28th, 2030|11:23 pm]
Tannusen Surana

Silver and Scarlet
114,354 words and counting!

Not including WIPs!

An adult romance told in snapshots via the dragonage_kink meme.

I write these out of order, so the list will probably shift around a lot since it's supposed to be chronological.

Small time-line note: I write as though the Zevran ASAP mod is in play, making the Zevran encounter happen directly after Lothering.

Another note: Veilfire Bones (veilfire_bones) is also by me, and takes place in the same universe as S&S. The two will eventually collide.

- - - - -

>> Note: There is a good deal of dubious consent in the pre-canon section of the series. You can skip down to Blood Enthrallment and still know what's going on, if you would rather skip the gory details.

Relinquishment -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Uldred / Tannusen
Young apprentice Tannusen relinquishes his virginity -- and his will -- to senior enchanter Uldred.
anal, deep-throat, dirty talk, Domination/submission, dubious consent (mind control), orgasm denial (severe), sadism, virgin, whipping

Gilded Cages -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Uldred makes a deal with an Amaranthine-visiting Danarius, and hands over his favorite apprentice for two weeks.
anal, bondage, c&b torture, deep throat, dirty talk, Domination/submission, non-consent, orgasm denial, size kink, sadism, slavery, voyeurism

Self-Flagellation -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
solo Tannusen (Uldred / Tannusen)
Late at night, Tannusen Surana performs a ritual for his Master.
dubious consent (mind control), exhibitionism, masochism, masturbation, orgasm denial (severe), toys

The Maker's Will -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Uldred / Templars / Tannusen
As a thrall, Tannusen services a group of blood-magic-adled templars for his Master's amusement.
bondage, blood kink, breath play, bukkake, c&b torture, deep-throat, dirty talk, Domination/submission, dubious consent (mind control), gang bang, knife play, masochism, orgasm denial (severe), religion kink, rough sex, sadism, toys, voyeurism, wax play

Blood Enthrallment -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Greagoir / Tannusen
Tannusen has been acting suspiciously, and Knight-Commander Greagoir intends to find out the cause. This is not a 'Greagoir-rapes-a-mage' fic, despite dark themes.
anal, blood kink, gentle sex, hurt/comfort, masochism

Dance with the Devil -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Jowan / Tannusen (indirect)
Everyone knows that Tannusen Surana is easy. And Jowan knows that he can't stop watching.
anal, blindfold, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, voyeurism

Dragon Age: Origins

After Harrowing:

After Lothering:

Prey -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Morrigan / Tannusen
Morrigan entertains herself by getting Tannusen hard in public, and then finishes him off while still in public.
het, (light) humiliation, (light) masochism, public arousal, (light) sadism

After Redcliffe:

Silver and Steel -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Zevran / Tannusen
Tannusen dominates Zevran for the first time to see how far his trust really extends.
bondage, deep-throat, Domination/submission, electro-stimulation, magic (as a sex tool), masochism, sadism, sounding, toys

A Brief Detour -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Carroll / Tannusen
Carroll is rejected by the Warden's female companions when he hits on them. In this story, the Warden himself hits back... and Carroll likes it. Lighthearted D/s.
Domination/submission, masochism, oral, sadism

During Broken Circle:

The Gift -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Uldred / Tannusen
The confrontation with Uldred at the end of the Broken Circle quest, as shown through his old thrall's eyes.
Domination/submission, magic

After Broken Circle (searching for Genitivi/the Ashes):

The Opposite of Two -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Greagoir / Tannusen
The sequel to "Blood Enthrallment". Tannusen saves the Circle, and when he next meets Greagoir he makes several confessions and two requests.

Scarlet Switch -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Zevran / Tannusen
Zevran hears some interesting gossip from a templar at the Tower about his Warden, and acts on it.
anal, bondage, breath play, deep-throat, dirty talk, Domination/submission, masochism, toys, whipping

Restraint -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Zevran / Tannusen (with a side of voyeur!Alistair)
Tannusen has a special belt made for Zevran for their competition, and takes him out in public with it. In all senses of the word.
anal, deep-throat, dirty talk, Domination/submission, electro-stimulation, exhibitionism, facial, magic (as a sex tool), orgasm denial, public sex, rimming, sounding, toys, voyeurism

Power Games -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Zevran / Alistair / Tannusen
Direct sequel to "Restraint". Alistair worries that Tannusen is actually a blood mage who has turned Zevran into his thrall. Tannusen decides that the best way to prove otherwise is with his own submission.
anal, biting, deep-throat, dirty talk, Domination/submission, exhibitionism, gentle sex, threesome, virgin, voice kink, voyeurism
- - - - - - - Bonus: Morning After (not anon, different author)

Cinder Hearts -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Zevran / Tannusen
Tannusen breaks and is seriously injured during an assault on a blood mage hideout in Denerim. Zevran is there when he wakes back up.
fluff, hurt/comfort

Another Time -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Zevran / Tannusen
Tannusen's reviving memories of his time as a thrall interrupts his and Zevran's games.

Paradigm Shift -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Zevran / Tannusen
Zevran, grabbed by a blood mage's temporary control, tries to murder the Warden and very nearly succeeds...

After Sacred Ashes:

Idle Desires -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Sten / Tannusen
Sten is unattainable, but that doesn't stop an idle Warden from thinking about him.
Domination/submission, masturbation

After Dalish:

Adder's Kiss -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Zevran / Tannusen
Roleplay. Zevran is the templar hunting the naughty apostate Tannusen. Once caught, whatever shall he do with him?
anal, bondage, caning, deep-throat, Domination/submission, masochism, roleplay, sadism

Sanction -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Zevran / Tannusen
Tannusen takes Zevran even further in their games, stripping even more of Zevran's barriers from him with Zevran's trusting cooperation. But can Tannusen trust himself around that vulnerability?
angst, bondage, c&b torture, Domination/submission, flogging, masochism, orgasm denial, sadism, sounding, waxplay

Interrogation -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Zevran / Tannusen
Tannusen Surana handles Zevran with more care than he really wants to examine, tying him down and interrogating him over his various scars. Takes place near the end of the treaties.
anal, bondage, rimming

Deep Roads:

Microfill: By The Stone -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Zevran / Tannusen
The Warden and company spend a vast amount of time running errands and killing dark spawn in the deep roads. Desire and need do not always wait for better opportunity. Stress must be relieved and any free time found is to be used very very well.

Landsmeet Called:

Predation -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Taliesen / Tannusen
Taliesen runs into Tannusen in Denerim sooner than he'd intended, and gets more than he bargained for.
biting, dirty talk, knife play, magic (as a sex tool), masochism, paralysis kink, rough sex, sadism

After Landsmeet:

After Final Battle:

Symbiosis -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Dwyn / Tannusen ( + Henchmen / Tannusen )
The Warden once bribed Dwyn into fighting with the promise of a 'personal' reward. He returns after the blight to pay up.
anal, dirty talk, exhibitionism, gang bang (off camera), masochism, oral, rough sex

Dragon Age: Awakening

Tarnished Silver -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Varel / Tannusen
The Warden-Commander is not what Varel was expecting.
deep-throat, dirty talk

Beyond the Pale -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Architect / Tannusen Surana
A self-respecting Grey Warden would never do this, but Tannusen Surana has never been a self-respecting Grey Warden. Strapped to the Architect's table, the Commander of the Grey discovers that there's at least one taboo left to him that he hasn't explored yet.
(medical) bondage

Hate Is A Four Letter Word -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Nathaniel Howe / Tannusen
Not long after "Beyond The Pale", Tannu essentially decides to use Nathaniel to punish himself. Early Awakening.
breath play, dirty talk, masochism, rough sex, sadism

WIP Chain of Command -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Nathaniel Howe / Tannusen
Late Awakening, Nathaniel seeks to make up for the events in 'Hate Is A Four Letter Word'.

Dragon Age 2


Dangerous Games -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Orsino / Tannusen
The Circle of Magi in Kirkwall rarely sees visitors. Tannusen Surana visits anyway for his own reasons, and decides to fill the time by filling Orsino.
anal, bondage, c&b torture, facial, dirty talk, Domination/submission, edging, masochism, oral, rimming, sadism, spanking, toys

Black Black Heart -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Fenris / Zevran / Tannusen / Orsino
The more things change, the more they stay the same. The Warden has ever picked up those who were thrown away.
NA -- some flashback micro-smut, and a little dirty talk if you squint

The Waking Sea:

Miracle Goodnight -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Fenris / Zevran / Tannusen / Orsino
Whenever Tannusen Surana is touched by blood magic, he goes a little crazy. How crazy does he go when his own magic has been sealed by that very force? And on a ship full of sailors, there's no shortage of cruelty when you're mad enough to go looking for it.
anal, bondage, exhibitionism, gang-bang, masochism, size kink, voyeurism, whipping

Heat of the Moment -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Fenris / Tannusen
Fenris wakes up from another steamy dream, and has a moment of weakness when Tannusen offers the use of his tongue.

A Touch of Madness -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Fenris / Tannusen
Fenris has a serious chat with the Warden after 'Heat of the Moment'.


[WIP] Crossing the Rubicon -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Orsino / Tannusen
Location: Amaranthine, Vigil's Keep
Former First Enchanter Orsino takes the Joining, and then takes his new Commander.
WIP -- will list when it's done. Suggestions? Post 'em!

Alternative Universe / Timeline:
These stories take place outside of the main S&S timeline, because they contradict too much of the rest of the story. I still consider these part of the series, but ask that readers go into them knowing that some details just don't match up. If you prefer, just think of these as weird dreams the characters have had.

The Chant of Light on Hard Mode -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
(DA:O, post-treaties)
Ser Bryant / Tannusen
Tannusen encounters Ser Bryant from Lothering again, and decides to indulge his templar fetish.
anal, deep-throat, religion kink, virgin, voice kink
AU because it makes it seem like Tannu hasn't done a Templar before, etc. This was the very first k!meme fill I wrote, though, and didn't intend a series originally, so that's why.

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This space reserved for non-S&S fills: [Jun. 28th, 2029|11:22 am]
Tannusen Surana

Since there's some interest in tracking other stuff I write on k!meme, I'll list 'em in this post as I go.

Stuff could involve other Wardens, or DA2 stuff with Hawke, or whatever else I end up writing on the meme.

S&S will eventually be crossing paths with DA2 characters after Awakening, (come on, we need to put Tannusen Surana and Fenris in the same room someday) but that will be in a different universe than these non-S&S bits and will be included in the main S&S index.

Ink and Glass -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Fenris / m!Hawke
Non-smut. Prompt was for handholding, and I decided to write a reading lesson taking place during the three year gap between, uh, things.
If this Hawke seems a lot like my Surana, it's no coincidence. Tannu has over a dozen versions out there, what's one more?

Amantes Sunt Amentes (Lovers Are Lunatics) -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Fenris / m!Hawke
Mage!Hawke hasn't been on the bottom before, and demands it rough from Fenris.

Between a rock and a hard place -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Tannusen Surana / Zevran (and Zevran / Alleyana Tabris)
OP: "I want to read about YOUR Wardens, their names and histories, if all of them had been recruited. I know there are already a lot of massive EVERY WARDEN EVER fills, but gimme a slice of life for your OCs, anons, if they were forced to battle the blight ~TOGETHER~"

Raistlin and the Rabbit -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Raistlin Majere / Akara Amell
Dragonlance / Dragon Age
From the Tower of High Sorcery of Palanthas, to the Circle Tower of Ferelden. This isn't the trip Raistlin Majere planned for, but he will always adapt. (And I, apparently, will always re-use my OCs.)

Art Fill
NOTE: the link posted as my fill is a deviant art link. So if you don't want to know who I am, skip this one.

Art Fill
NOTE: the link posted as my fill is a deviant art link. So if you don't want to know who I am, skip this one.

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S&S prompt suggestions/heads up, pt 2 [Sep. 24th, 2028|03:32 am]
Tannusen Surana

The original prompt post is getting close enough to where LJ does the annoying multiple page thing that one good discussion would push it over. I don't want to delete comments, so I'm taking a page out of the meme's book and just making a second post for them. (This is also to help me stay organized, and isn't to discourage us yammering at each other.)

So! Got something you want to see? A prompt you're thinking about making? Seen a prompt you'd like me to throw into the S&S lineup? Just in general want to see more of a particular kink or scenario?

Post 'em here! Anon is enabled and IPs are off.

Stuff I'm keeping in mind from the last post:

     ◙ DA:A! Zev/Warden reunion. Still considering this one, I just haven't decided if their reunion goes that way or not yet.

     ◙ Tannu/Alistair: Sequel to Power Games, if I ever figure out how I'd do it. Someone else also had some good suggestions for Tannu/Al in general. I might be able to swing one or more of those as a sequel...

     ◙ Someone wants to see more thrall!Tannu in general.

     ◙ DA:A Nate/Tannu while Nathaniel is still an angry raging dick. With bonus points for Varel watching in secret.

     ◙ Tannu/Sebastian which makes me lol in a good way. Tannu and his blasphemy in churches, man. That trend is kind of what started the series. XD

     ◙ Some delicious Z/T + F D/s and voyeurism and other good times.

     ◙ I believe I've also promised to write the scenario Tannu brought up in Tarnished Silver, and have him Dom Varel in the throne room on some dark lonely night.

I think that's about it from that post that I haven't either said wouldn't work, or have already filled. It's always good to have a wide variety of ideas floating around since I never know what type of smut/plot-bunny will go gnawing on the wires next.

There are other prompts I have bookmarked and such, especially any that were made specifically at Tannu. This is me mostly trying to organize that one post, and any future additions.
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Artwork post. Updated 07/09/2014 [Jun. 27th, 2027|11:00 am]
Tannusen Surana

>> Note: These pictures are largely not posted anonymously.

If you click them and finding out who I am scars you for life, I will lol at you. A lot. <3

I wanted to do a post of artwork done by others and myself specifically for this series. I had something like this set up on deviant art, but I couldn't thumbnail non-devart pictures there. This way it all gets equal exposure.

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Tannusen's Soundtrack [Jun. 26th, 2026|08:20 pm]
Tannusen Surana

Youtube links are up for extra convenience, but the videos may have nothing to do with Tannu. Linked lyrics may also be incorrect; I can't easily link to my fixed versions while pretending to be anon! *shifty eyes*

Tannusen is actually a very old character of mine and has picked up quite the list over the years. Since I know a few folks were interested, I'll list it here:


A Perfect Circle: Pet
Lay your head down child, I won't let the boogeyman come.
Counting bodies like sheep, to the rhythm of the war drums.

lyrics | youtube

Cain's Offering - Elegantly Broken
Silence is broken.
Empty words are licking the layers of sin,
From our skin.
We realize happy endings are not for everyone.
They're not for us.


Carlos Santana Feat. Everlast: Put Your Lights On
'Cause there's a monster, livin' under my bed
Whisperin' in my ear
And there's an angel, with a hand on my head
She say I got nothin' to fear
Shey say: laa ilaha, il allah, you gonna shine like a star.

lyrics | youtube

Coheed & Cambria: The Camper Velourium I: Faint Of Hearts
I'll touch it if you ask me to, but how is up to you.
No I'm not going to let you get up, if you struggle willingly.
I'll favor all your form to show you how it's been done to me.

lyrics | youtube

Darren Hayes: Darkness
Turning pages over
Run away to nowhere
And it's hard to take control
When your enemy's old and afraid of you
You'll discover that the monster you were running from
Is the monster in you

lyrics | youtube

David Bowie: Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
Well you wouldn't believe what I've been through.
You've been so long,
Well it's been so long...
And I've been putting out fire with gasoline!

lyrics | youtube (live version)

David Bowie: Jump They Say
My friend, don't listen to the crowd--
They say 'Jump'!
Got to believe somebody--
They say 'Jump'!

lyrics | youtube

David Bowie: Miracle Goodnight
Don't want to know the past, I want to know the real deal.
I really don't want to know that,
The less we know, the better we feel.

lyrics | youtube

David Usher: Black Black Heart
Black black heart, why would you offer more?
Why would you make it easier on me, to satisfy?
I'm on fire, I'm rotting to the core,
I'm eating all your kings and queens,
All your sex and your diamonds.

lyrics | youtube

Duran Duran: Bedroom Toys
Checking out the five star atmosphere
You want some expertise
If you got treasure, I'll pay you for the pleasure
It'll bring you to your knees

lyrics | youtube

Duran Duran: Can You Deal With It?
Live in sympathy,
Use psychology,
To find the twist in me (ah-ha),
Can you deal with it?

lyrics | youtube

Duran Duran: Come Undone
Can't ever keep from falling apart--
At the seams!
Can't believe you're taking my heart--
To pieces!

lyrics | youtube

Duran Duran: Still Breathing
Heart, though it's hot and violent,
My head is cool and quiet,
As the ashes that fall from the sky.

lyrics | youtube

Infernal: Self Control
I, I live among the creatures of the night!
I haven't got the will to try and fight
against a new tomorrow, so I guess I'll just believe it,
That tomorrow never knows!

lyrics | youtube
Special note: I know it's a remake, and I like the original too. But this version works better for Tannusen's soundtrack, even the video!

Jewel: Amen
A dry tongue screams at the sky,
But the wind just breathes words in--
As a strange bird tries to fly.

lyrics | youtube (live)

Marilyn Manson: (S)aint
You wanted perfect, you got your perfect,
Now I'm too perfect for someone like you.
I was a dandy in your ghetto with a snow white smile,
But you'll never be as perfect whatever you do.

lyrics | youtube

Marilyn Manson: Slutgarden
And so I memorize the words to the porno movies,
It's the only thing I want to believe.
I memorize the words to the porno movies,
This is a new religion to me.

lyrics | youtube

Nadia Ali: Fantasy
So stay away from me
You’re better off to stay as far from lovin' me
Just stay a fantasy
In the dark, in the night and in my dreams


Neon Trees: Animal
I do it every time...
You're killin' me now!
And I won't be denied by you!
The animal inside of you!

lyrics | youtube

Nine Inch Nails: The Perfect Drug
I come along but I don't know where you're taking me,
I shouldn't go but you're reaching back and shaking me,
Turn off the sun, pull the stars from the sky.
The more I give to you, the more I die.

lyrics | youtube

Sarah McLachlan: Building A Mystery
You wear sandals in the snow,
And a smile that won't wash away.
Can you look out the window,
Without your shadow getting in the way?

lyrics | youtube

Savage Garden: Carry On Dancing
You're never safe 'till you see the dawn,
And if the clock strikes past midnight--
The hope is gone.

lyrics | youtube

Skillet: Monster
The secret side of me, I never let you see
I keep it caged but I can't control it
So stay away from me, the beast is ugly
I feel the rage and I just can't hold it

lyrics | youtube

Stabilo: Flawed Design
And ever since I figured out
That I could control other people,
I've had trouble sleeping
With both eyes closed.

lyrics | youtube

The Cure: Lovecats
We're so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty!
Oh you know that I'd do anything for you...
We should have each other to tea, huh?
We should have each other with cream...

lyrics | youtube

The Tea Party: Gyroscope
Quiet now she said, you're waking up the dead,
I cradle the exuse, in love with the abuse so...
I handle it with ease, it's a dignified disease!
Slow... down...

lyrics | youtube

Waking Ashland: Sing Me To Sleep
There is something, watching, waiting...
There is something,
Passing, casting these shadows
How they make their way into my mind...

lyrics | youtube
Special note: Has always sounded to me like Tannusen singing. Unfortunately the band usually uses too many stupid filters on his voice for this to be true about their stuff in general.

Always looking for suggestions! :)
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PSA [Feb. 8th, 2015|03:56 am]
Tannusen Surana
[Tags|, ]

I should be back to work on S&S sometime in March or April, which is when I should have a bedroom again.

I presently live in a tiny studio apartment with two other people, and it's just a bit too awkward to write kinky wacky hijinks with two other people five to ten feet away at all times. Even though they're both S&S readers, too.

You know the irrational paranoia when you're reading smut in the same room as other people, that someone's going to glance at it over your shoulder? It's even worse when writing it, at least for me.

So, that's what's been up with S&S. I've been working on veilfire_bones in the meanwhile, which exists in the same universe as S&S. Meaning, the characters from both series will eventually meet.

Should be fun.
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(no subject) [Jun. 23rd, 2014|09:43 pm]
Tannusen Surana

Updated the artwork post to now include various comic pages.
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Finished fill - Gilded Cages [Jun. 23rd, 2014|08:36 am]
Tannusen Surana

Gilded Cages -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Danarius / Fenris / Tannusen
Uldred makes a deal with an Amaranthine-visiting Danarius, and hands over his favorite apprentice for two weeks.
anal, bondage, c&b torture, deep throat, dirty talk, Domination/submission, non-consent, orgasm denial, size kink, sadism, slavery, voyeurism
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New fill - Morrigan / Tannusen, 'Prey' [Jun. 21st, 2014|04:55 pm]
Tannusen Surana

Prey -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Morrigan / Tannusen
Morrigan entertains herself by getting Tannusen hard in public, and then finishes him off while still in public.
het, (light) humiliation, (light) masochism, public arousal, (light) sadism
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New WIP [Jun. 16th, 2014|04:44 pm]
Tannusen Surana

WIP Chain of Command -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Nathaniel Howe / Tannusen
Late Awakening, Nathaniel seeks to make up for the events in 'Hate Is A Four Letter Word'.
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