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tannufilling's Journal

Tannusen Surana
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This is the sockpuppet account for the Tannusen Surana stories on dragonage_kink!

;D now comes in cherry flavor!

(Anon is enabled, IP listing is disabled; poke me with questions and "what about this prompt?" here in anonymity, if you like. Otherwise this is mostly for the list.)

(Also, I've only been friending back sockpuppets, so that folks don't show up on my userinfo if they don't want to. If you're a non-sockpuppet and want to be friended in return anyway, just lemme know!)

I am fine with not posting under this name.
Posting anon and linking to my sockpuppet's list once a fill is one of the things I've mentioned doing anyway. 'S fine with me.
I still don't see why this warranted such a freak-out.
If you see my sockpuppet name on the meme, it's from before the new rules. Chillax. Go read/write porn already.
I am here to cause happy-times fappage, not to participate in other kinds of wank!